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Wendy Black

(Nanker / Phelge)

Wendy Black

19 May - 6 June

69Smithstreet Gallery


69 Smith Street Fitzroy

hrs: Wed-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

gallery coordinator phone: 0424 625 336



Wendy Black

'3 minute attention span'

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drawings and installation based on recent City of Melbourne Laneways Commission 2007 by the artist

The portraits in this installation have been drawn at the Melbourne Magistrate's Court over a period of four months. The processes of the Magistrates' Court can sometimes be surprisingly swift. An individual is often before the court for only a brief period. The drawings show not only the accused but also other people involved in the workings of the court, including court officials, lawyers, witnesses, journalists, and members of the public. The Magistrates' Court has been intentionally chosen as the source of these portraits. As the  lowest level of the court hierarchy, it is not usually the arena for those accused of the major crimes featured on the nightly news. It is the ordinary daily parade of court traffic enduring the personal trauma of their ‘day in court’.

October 26 - November 13          2004

Seadragons of the southern kelp


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April 10 to May 22        2004

Making Poster History

30 years of printmaking by

Wendy Black


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March 23 - April 10      2004

Still Life



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October 1 - 25                   2003


paintings & prints

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